GLC Internships

There are many ways to gain experience in public service legal careers either at the GLC or at an off-campus placement.

The Government Law Center chooses students each semester to serve as interns, either through the Field-Placement Program or as research assistants.  Students in the Field-Placement Program receive academic credit; research assistants are paid.  Students in either role perform substantive research under the supervision of the GLC Director and staff attorneys, receiving feedback on their research and writing and the opportunity to make connections with community partner organizations.

Applicants who are Government Law Center Fellows are generally given preference, but any Albany Law School student may apply for the fellowship.

Current Postings

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Field Placements

Under the direct supervision of highly experienced Supervising Attorney/Mentors, students spend 12 hours per week participating in the legal work of their chosen office among 140 placements. Given its location, Albany Law School offers an extensive variety of placements offering the opportunity to work with real clients solving real legal or policy-related problems. Many students in the Field Placement program work in government.

The Field Placement program is supervised by the Clinic and Justice Center. Students receive academic credit for their fieldwork, and attend a weekly class at the law school.

Semester in Practice

Second-year and third-year students immerse themselves in exceptional judicial, governmental and public interest offices for an intense semester-long placement experience. Students spend 35 hours per week in the field. In past years, students have worked in placements including the White House, the New York Police Department, the chambers of federal judges, the Federal Defender Service of Tennessee, and the New York Attorney General’s Office.​

The Semester in Practice program is supervised by Professor Ray Brescia. Students receive twelve academic credits for their supervised fieldwork, contemporaneous clinic class, journals and other assignments.

Summer in Practice

The Summer in Practice Course offers students an opportunity to spend the summer working under the supervision of a lawyer-mentor in a judicial, governmental or public interest office.

Students have the option of a full-time placement for six credits or a part-time placement for four credits. Students opting for a full-time placement work 35 hours per week at their placement over the seven-week summer term.  Students in a part-time placement work 24 hours per week.

Students interested in a Summer in Practice placement should contact Professor Ray Brescia, rbres@albanylaw.edu, or the course instructor, Professor Robert Batson, rbats@albanylaw.edu, to set up an appointment to obtain more information about the course and to discuss interests and placement options.​ Students should contact the Career Center for assistance in finding a summer placement.