Explainer Series

The Government Law Center’s explainers concisely map out the law that applies to important questions of public policy. Touching on current topics in the news and anticipating topics coming up in the future, these publications provide guides for policymakers on key topics in government. Learn more.

Improving Interbranch Communication Project

The Improving Interbranch Communication Project bridges gaps between New York’s Courts and the state's Executive and Legislative branches. When courts issue interpretations of statutory and/or regulatory text the Government Law Center leverages its expertise to inform the Governor’s Office and Legislators about the interpretations and explain them in a concise, non-partisan, plain-text, explainer-style memo. Learn more.

Institute for Aging and Disability Law

Launched in September 1994, the Institute for Aging and Disability Law provides innovative options for reforming existing laws and designing new ones to meet the needs of this increasing and diverse population. The program conducts research on aging and disability law issues and offers conferences, seminars, and training programs for policymakers, attorneys, advocates, older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers. Learn more.

Institute of Legal Studies

The Institute of Legal Studies is an accredited provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in New York State. It was one of the first providers accredited in New York state in 1998. Albany Law School is accredited by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as a provider of live courses. Learn more.

State Constitutional Law Initiative

The Government Law Center is a leader in research and analysis of state constitutional law. While the State Constitutional Law Initiative's primary focus is New York State constitutional law, it also produces research and educational programs that provide a comparative perspective on state constitutional law. Learn more.

Albany Community Police Review Board

The Government Law Center serves as the administrator of the Albany Community Police Review Board, an independent body established to improve the relationship between the police and the community. Members of the Center's staff and a team of student interns provide guidance, research, and training to the Review Board, helping it serve the community better and strengthening the pipeline of law students who will go on to serve their communities in areas related to criminal justice and local government. Learn more.