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Sandman Fellowship Requirements

To be eligible for designation as a Sandman Fellow, an applicant must be a full-time second-year student with a G.P.A. of at least 2.5 with an interest in law and government. (If an applicant is enrolled in the four-year program, he or she may elect to apply in either the second or third year, but not both.) One or two students will be selected.

Fellows will be required to work at the Government Law Center 20 hours per week during the academic year (spring and fall semester) and full time (Monday through Friday) during the summer recess. During the spring semester, Fellows will also be required to successfully complete a two-credit Public Policy Internship or an approved externship placement.

The Fellowship Program focuses on the area of Aging/Health Law and Policy. Students will conduct interdisciplinary research with an emphasis on the relevant law, draft reports and assist with the development of a major aging/health law symposium. Students will also work with the Government Law Center to develop proposals for additional research and study in the aging/health law and policy arena. Students will work under the supervision of the legal staff of the Government Law Center, as well as interested faculty at Albany Law School (faculty from area academic institutions may also participate).

Fellowship Benefits

Fellows will have an opportunity to spend a full year studying the interaction of the law with public policy and will:

Develop and refine policy analysis skills

Learn about the legal aspects of policy reform

Obtain a first hand introduction to public service

Get a hands on education about legislative and administrative processes

Gain access to a network of public, private and non-profit sector policymakers in the aging/health care arena

In 2011, the Fellowship provided:

1. $5,000 tuition waiver for the spring semester

2. $5,000 tuition waiver for the fall semester

3. $5,000 cash stipend payable in biweekly installments during the summer

Selection Process

The Edgar & Margaret Sandman Fellowship Program competition is based upon merit and commitment to public service. A demonstrated interest in aging/health law and policy issues is helpful but not required. Financial need will not be a factor in the selection process.

Applications are typically accepted for consideration during the during the fall. The Fellowship usually begins in January of the following year.

A Selection Committee, consisting of two members of the Albany Law School faculty, a member of the Government Law Center's Advisory Board, a representative from both the Albany Law School Board of Trustees and the National Alumni Council and the director of the Government Law Center, will review the applications and select applicants for initial interviews. At the completion of the initial interviews, the Selection Committee may invite some applicants to a second interview. The awarding of the Fellowship for any year is within the discretion of the Selection Committee. The Fellows chosen by the Selection Committee will be notified of their acceptance in December.     

Fellows are expected to maintain good academic standing during their participation in the Fellowship. Failure to satisfy the Fellowship requirements will result in forfeiture of the Fellowship benefits and termination of the Fellowship appointment.

For further information, please contact the Government Law Center.​