Testimonials from Past Sandman Fellows

Testimonials from Past Sandman Fellows

"The Fellowship was extremely influential in giving me confidence in my ability to research (including conducting a survey), write publication worthy material, and speak publicly to the community in which my research was focused. In my job intervi​ew with the United States Attorney’s office in 2002, the interviewing attorneys were impressed with my research and writing in this area and the fact that I was selected among many applicants to represent Albany Law School in this important educational endeavor!"

-K. Jill Bolton '95, Assistant United States​ Attorney, Eastern District of Washington

"The most beneficial aspect of the fellowship was the ability to publish my research. This is one if the few experiences in law school that gives a student the ability to leave school as a published author. I am still asked about my arti​cle at interviews."

-Jennifer Monthie '03, Disability A​dvocates, Inc.

"[The Sandman Fellowship] introduced me to public policy work: how to approach an issue, research it in depth, organize a​nd analyze my findings, and write a concise and readable report on it."

-Barbara Hancock ‘00, Counsel, New York State Law Revision Com​mission

"The fellowship gave me the ability to discuss a unique guardianship issue in detail.  Also, it strengthened my communication skills, b​oth written and oral, immensely.  Additionally, having a published work on my resume set me apart from other applicants."

-Adrienne Foederer '07, Confidential​ Law Clerk to Hon. David R. Homer (Federal Magistrate Judge)

"It has been a talking point during inte​rviews and has opened up my ability in the aspect that I now have experience in the policy field and more demonstrated research ability. More importantly, the contacts I made during the fellowship at the Government Law Center have proved to be truly helpful and a tremendous resource for me as I begin my career."

-Danielle Holley '10, Albany Medica​l Center