Cell Tower Siting

A decade ago, Congress enacted a law that affected the ability of local governments to regulate the placement and construction of towers for wireless phone service within their jurisdictions. Local governments throughout New York state struggled to protect local interests while implementing new requirements.

The town of Pound Ridge in Westchester County is a case in point. Concerned about public sentiment and the limitations of federal law, town officials contacted the Government Law Center to determine how to best inform town residents of the new law and its repercussions. The GLC immediately assessed the situation, conducted extensive education sessions for the town board and followed up with regular updates on the new law. In addition, the GLC conducted public information sessions for Pound Ridge residents.

The result: A greater understanding of the issues and responsibilities at hand—and an enhanced appreciation by residents of the challenges faced by their town board. Contentious meetings made way for informed discussions. While residents were not necessarily happy about the federal law, they understood the inter-governmental dynamics and why the town was bound by the law.