Shared Municipal Services Incentive

Shared Municipal Services Incentive


The 2006-07 New York State Budget provided a $600,000 sub-allocation to the Government Law Center (GLC) of Albany Law School to "provide regional technical assistance through academic institutions relating to consolidations, mergers dissolutions, cooperative agreements and shared services" as part of the $25 million appropriated for the Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) Grant Program.

The work plan incorporated into the subcontract identified five specific deliverables, and the submission of a final project report, including:

Organizing and establishing an administrative infrastructure, including a project advisory group;

Producing case studies of Intermunicipal agreements, other cooperative arrangements, mergers and consolidations through collaborations with regional academic institutions;

Developing a "user-friendly" manual for the SMSI initiative;

Creating training modules for use by DOS staff; and 

Developing content for a Web-based clearinghouse.

Work was expected to begin with enactment of the State budget, and be completed by March 31, 2007. The Government Law Center's work on the technical assistance project actually commenced almost six months later, in early October 2006. By March 2007, substantial progress had been made and the GLC requested a six-month, no cost extension to complete the project.

All major deliverables on the original contract are complete. The contract period extended to December 31, 2007, and modifications to the contract add additional deliverables of case studies and regional training conferences, and combine proof of training modules within the User Manual. The additional case studies have commenced, and there are eight regional training conferences scheduled from September through November 2007.

The conference in Albany is scheduled for October 4, 2007. Please contact Lori Hamill at 518-445-3358 for further information and to register.

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