Research & Technical Assistance

Research & Technical Assistantance


The Government Law Center is committed to providing all levels of government with comprehensive, academic research conducted with the utmost objectivity. Our clients can be assured they will receive quality information that explores all sides of the issue at hand.

We conduct two types of research: 

On a retainer basis, we research a particular area in need of reform; and 

We conduct our own research in areas we consider important to improving government.

Our primary research and technical assistance services are as follows:

Customized research projects designed to advance legal reform, dealing with topics including, but not limited to: charter reform; zoning and land use; racing and gaming law; administrative law; and aging law.

Production of technical memoranda such as: reports on intermunicipal cooperation in land use planning; ethical considerations for government lawyers; site ready development sites for high-tech businesses and affordable housing.

Consulting services such as: reviewing comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances for compliance and other legal issues; developing effective policies for community development and writing background papers on particular issues.

Customized training programs and workshops for state and local governments.

Workshops specifically designed for state agency counsel and administrative law judges. These programs often focus on aspects of administrative law, and may include topics such as: technology issues in administrative proceedings; evidence in the administrative hearings; caseload management; ethical considerations; mediation; and legal research and writing.

Assistance with shaping public policy and options for reform to promote sustainable development, ethics reform, procurement reform and a host of other challenges facing state governments across the country.

Staying Informed

One of the most common yet difficult challenges municipalities face is investing funds safely with a good return rate. A 1997 GLC study—one of the most comprehensive undertaken—reviewed municipal investment policies across the country, w​here billions of dollars are at stake every year. The report quickly gained acclaim and has been used as a model for municipal investment practices nationwide.

The GLC has developed on-site training programs for municipalities struggling with the complexitites of planning and zoning issues, including the siting of cellular towers.

Recent research projects include studying the creation of a housing court in the city of Troy; assisting the city of Albany with code enforcement issues; revising a manual for hearing officers; and conducting a study on how assessors deal with land protected by conservation easements.

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