Municipal Law

Municipal Law


Today's municipalities are facing a growing range of complex issues. From town clerks to county executives, elected and appointed decisionmakers at the local level are challenged with finding solutions to problems in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The Government Law Center can help simplify the complicated world of municipal law by providing the education and resources necessary to find strategic solutions—all in a neutral, non-partisan environment.

As a recognized authority on municipal law issues, the Government Law Center offers an array of consulting services, including but not limited to:

  • Workshops for local boards and departments on topics including zoning and land use control, government ethics and public policy dispute resolution;
  • Development of intermunicipal cooperative agreements;
  • Charter review;
  • Assistance with developing effective local laws including siting of cell towers, adult uses, sign and billboard controls, ethics, siting of wind farms, mining and other land use issues;
  • Adoption and implementation of smart growth strategies; and
  • Development of affordable housing initiatives.

Staying Informed

More and more, local government officials are turning to the GLC to help decipher municipal laws and court decisions and to explain their impact on a broad range of issues. Because the GLC is constantly involved in the review and refinement of municipal law—and in helping municipalities address relevant issues—we are particularly adept at meeting the needs of local government.

We routinely host a variety of forums and conduct extensive research, positioning us as a leader in the field. One of our most prominent programs is the Edwin L. Crawford Memorial Lecture on Municipal Law, which serves to educate and promote dialogue on important and timely issues affecting local governments. The Center works collaboratively with the Association of Towns of the State of New York, The New York State Association of Counties, and with the New York Conference of Mayors. The Center staff plays a leadership role with the New York State Bar Association's Municipal Law Section.

Keeping Current on County Law

The GLC works cooperatively with the County Attorneys Association of New York State to maintain a current Web site of county law issues and information. We regularly review federal and state case law, proposed and newly adopted federal and state legislation, opinions of the attorney general, comptroller and the Committee on Open Government, and local laws as they relate to municipal and county government. The Center also organizes two statewide meetings each year for county attorneys.

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