Fall 2023 Examination Schedule

All Required Exams given on the day will utilize Examsoft.

Bold indicates First Year Exam

Wednesday, December 6 

  • 9:00 am  Fed Civ Pro (Brescia, Farnia, Mayer)
  • 1:30 pm  Crim Pro: Investigation  (Dodds, Breger)

Thursday, December 7

  • 9:00 am  NYP1 (Connors)
                    Surrogates (Morgan)

Friday, December 8

  • 9:00 am Evidence (Chapleau, Hutter, Wetmore)
  • 1:30 pm  ALA2 (Bollana)

Monday, December 11

  • 9:00 am  Intro to Tax (Cords)
                    Public Int'l Law (Packwood)
                    Sales (Martin)

Tuesday, December 12

  • 9:00 am  Con Law II (Bonventre, Clark, Redwood)

Wednesday, December 13

  • 9:00 am  Business Organizations (Reyhan)
                    Health Law (Tenenbaum)
                    Legal Profession (Connors)

Thursday, December 14

  • 9:00 am  NYPS (Hutter)
                    Trusts & Estates (Spivack)

Friday, December 15

  • 9:00 am  Contracts (Martin, Pratt, Seita)
                    ALA1 (Bollana)

Monday, December 18

  • 9:00 am  Estate Planning (Spivack)
                    Int'l Business Transactions (Packwood)
                    Real Estate Transactions (Rosenbloom)

Tuesday, December 19

  • 9:00 am  Torts (Armstrong, Heverly, Tenenbaum)

Take Home Exams: Available 9:00 am 12/6 and due by 11:59 pm 12/19 *unless otherwise instructed by faculty.

Bankruptcy - Barbaruolo
Conflict of Laws - Clark
Crim Pro: Adjudication - Sprotbery
Fed Tax - Cords
Jurisprudence: The Phil of Law - Walker
Legislations/Statutory Intrps - Ayers
Immigration Law - DesRosiers
Intro to Intellectual Property – Seita
National Security Law - Haynes
Securities Regulation - Redwood
State & Local Tax - Boll

Rules Regarding Exam Postponements 

(N/A - Take Home Exams)
Students may submit an “Exam Conflict Resolution Request Form” (Registrar’s Portal Page/Policies, Forms and Information) to postpone an exam if they have: Two exams on the same day OR An exam at 1:30pm and then 9:00am the next day or Three or more exams scheduled on three consecutive days

Postponed exams are rescheduled to the earliest day.