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    ​B.S., F.S., Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service  
    J.D., Georgetown University
    Professor Moriarty graduated from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1964 with a B.S./F.S. degree. His interest in international affairs has lead him in the past to teach courses in Comparative Criminal Law and the International Protection of Human Rights. He received his legal training from the Georgetown University Law Center where he graduated in 1967 with the J.D. degree.
    Before joining the faculty at Albany Law School in 1971, Prof. Moriarty served as a law clerk to the N.Y. State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Department, where he was assigned to work on the court's criminal cases, and was an Assistant District Attorney with the Albany County District Attorney's office. As a faculty member, he took on a number of criminal appeals cases as assigned counsel, as well as serving as the Faculty Director of a legal services project for N.Y. State prisoners that was run by the school. The project served as a pilot for a state-wide program operated by another agency, which has superceded it.
    Prof. Moriarty taught mainly in the area of criminal law (a fact of some incongruity to the fans of Sherlock Holmes), teaching the basic course in Criminal Law required of all first-year students, as well as more advanced courses in White Collar Crime, Federal Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, Post-Conviction Remedies, Sentencing & Corrections, and Comparative Criminal Law. He also taught courses in Judicial Remedies and Business Organizations. He has an interest in history and philosophy and has taught courses in American Legal History, Jurisprudence, and Administrative Law.



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