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    B.A., J.D., University of Maryland

    Before joining the faculty in 1978, Professor Deutsch was a teaching fellow at the University of Illinois, a member of the law faculty of Stetson University, and was engaged in the private practice of law. Courses taught include: Administrative Law; Constitutional Law; Consumer Transactions; Contracts; First Amendment Freedoms; Sales, Payment Systems and Related Law; and Secured Transactions. He retired in December of 2010, but holds emeritus status.



  • May Religious Worship Be Excluded From a Limited Public Forum? Commentary on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision in Faith Center Church Evangelistic Ministries v. Glover, 31 Hawaii Law Review 29 (2008)mayreligiousworshipbeexcluded.pdf

  • Does Anybody Really Need a Limited Public Forum? 82 St. John's Law Review 107 (2008)doesanybodyreallyneedalimitedpublicforum.pdf

  • Prof. Nimmer meets Prof Schauer (and Others): an Analysis of "Definitional Balancing" as a Methodology for Determining the "Visible Boundaries of the First Amendment," 39 Akron Law Review 483 (2006), reprinted in THE FIRST AMENDMENT LAW HANDBOOK (Thompson/West, 2006) (Rodney A. Smolla, ed.)professornimmermeetsprofessorschauer.pdf

  • Nguyen v. INS and the Application of Intermediate Scrutiny to Gender Classifications: Theory, Practice, and Reality, 30 Pepperdine Law Review 185 (2003)nguyenvinsandtheapplication.pdf

  • Seller's Liability to Remote Purchasers and Nonpurchasers for Physical and Economic Loss in Breach of Warranty Actions in New York: An Analysis of the Privity Defense and the Views of Professor Speidel and the Article 2 Study Group, 54 Albany Law Review 35 (1990)deutschsellersliabilitytoremotepurchasersalblawrev1989.pdf

  • Analysis of Judge Domenick L. Gabrielli's Uniform Commercial Code Opinions (New York), 47 Albany Law Review 250 (1983)ananalysisofjudgegabrielli.pdf

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