Prof. Halpern's Scholarship Selected for IP Compendium

Prof. Halpern's Scholarship Selected for IP Compendium

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Professor Sheldon Halpern's article "Trafficking in Trademarks: Setting Boundaries for the Uneasy Relationship Between ‘Property Rights' and Trademark and Publicity Rights" was selected for the 2010 Intellectual Property Law Review, published by Thomson Reuters (West), which annually compiles the best IP-related law review articles published in the United States.

The multi-volume set covers major developments in patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as relevant topics affecting practice and procedure.

Professor Halpern's article originally ran in the DePaul Law Review.

Professor Halpern joined Albany Law School in the fall of 2005 as the Hon. Harold R. Tyler Jr. Chair in Law & Technology. In 2007, he was appointed Visiting Fellow at the Department of Law of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

He received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and graduated first in his class at Cornell Law School. He was a professor at The Ohio State University starting in 1984 and was named the C. William O'Neill Professor of Law and Judicial Administration in 2001. Before joining academia, Professor Halpern practiced law in New York and Minnesota.

He teaches Copyright Law, the Law of Defamation and Privacy and Trademark Law.


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