D.A. Julie Garcia '99 Shows Perseverance Throughout Career

D.A. Julie Garcia '99 Shows Perseverance Throughout Career

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D.A. Julie Garcia '99 Shows Perseverance Throughout Career 

Essex County District Attorney Julie Garcia '99 is a single parent raising her two nieces and they've come up with a motto for their house: "Girl Power ... Girls Rule ... And don't you forget it!"

She worked as a bartender and waitress to pay her way through college as she earned a bachelor's degree in social work over the course of a decade. She continued to waitress and bartend while attending Albany Law School, which she entered with a vague notion about helping society through the practice of law.


That experience helped her land her first job in the District Court Bureau of the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. "It is great to have a social work background because so many of the skills transfer to being a prosecutor," she said.

In the Essex County District Attorney's Office, Garcia is one of three full-time attorneys, all of whom are Albany Law School alumni. "It just happened that way," she said. "We sometimes talk about Professor Preiser's classes because they had an impact on all of us."


Garcia recently won a first degree assault conviction against a man who beat up another man with a baseball bat. She's also been prosecuting a rising number of drug cases.


"Drug dealers are coming up to the Adirondacks to sell drugs because it's easier money than selling in Albany or Troy," Garcia said. "We've only had one arrest relating to a meth lab in the county so far, but we're keeping our eyes open for it."