Faculty Publications

Alexandra Harrington

Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington published Achieving Ambition and Implementation through Legal Change (CISDL, 2020) with Prof. Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger and Dr. Markus Gehring.

Alexandra Harrington

Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington published Settling Sustainably: the SDGs and the Dispute Settlement at the World Trade Organization, McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law (2020).
To Promote Innovation, Congress Should Abolish the Supreme Court Created Exceptions to 35 U.S. Code §101, __ Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal __ (forthcoming)

Robert Heverly

More is Different: Tort Liability of Compromised Systems in Internet Denial of Service Attacks, 47 Florida State University Law Review 531 (2020)
The Future of Change, Stanford Social Innovation Review (2020)
The Shifting Frontiers of State Standing: How Litigation over Border Wall Funding Is Exposing Standing’s Current Doctrinal Fault Lines, 68 UCLA Law Review Discourse 80 (2020)
BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS LAW IN FOCUS (with Deborah Bouchoux) (Wolters Kluwer 2nd ed., 2020)
Zoning Cyberspace: Protecting Privacy in the Digital Upside Down, 2020 UTAH LAW REVIEW 1219 (2021)
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Evelyn Tenenbaum

Assessing Consent to Intimate Sexual Relations Among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia in LIVING WITH DEMENTIA, NEUROETHICAL ISSUES AND INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES (Springer Nature, 2021) (Veljko Dubljevic and Francis Bottenberg eds.)