Faculty Presentations

January 2018

Edward W De Barbieri

​Professor Edward De Barbieri took part in the discussion group "Community Economic Development is Access to Justice" at the Association of American Law Schools' Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif., on January 5, 2018.

Professors Anthony Paul Farley, Christian Sundquist, and Donna Young presented “True Advancement of African-Americans: Are We Stuck in the ‘Sunken Place’ and What Can We Do?” at the Northeast Black Law Students Association’s 50th Annual Convention, January 24-28 in Albany, N.Y.

Michael Hutter

Professor Michael Hutter presented the CLE "CPLR Update 2018" for the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers on January 16, 2018.​

Vincent Bonventre

Professor Vincent Bonventre, Justice Robert H. Jackson Distinguished Professor of Law, presented "Supreme Vindications: From Proud Dissents to Historic Landmarks" to the Green Mountain Academy on January 30, 2018.

Ray Brescia

​Professor Ray Brescia presented his paper “Understanding Institutions: A Multi-Dimensional Approach” at the University of New Hampshire School of Law as part of Albany Law School’s faculty scholarship exchange program on January 25, 2018.