J.S.D, Washington University in St. Louis
LL.M, Washington University in St. Louis
LL.B, Nanchang University  

Zhaoyi Li is an Assistant Professor of Law at Albany Law School. Her research focuses on corporate governance, fiduciary duties, law and technology. She perceives the law as a technology for organizing interactions among different groups of individuals. Her approach is primarily grounded in sociology, economics, and, above all, functionality. She teaches Business Organizations, Securities Regulation, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Data Privacy Law.

Professor Li’s scholarly work, Layered Fiduciaries in the Information Age, published in the Indiana Law Journal, offers a novel resolution to the contention surrounding information fiduciary duties by proposing a theory of layered fiduciaries. Her article, Artificial Fiduciaries, which will be featured as the lead article in the Washington and Lee Law Review, critically examines the aptitude of artificial intelligence to fulfill the rigorous demands of fiduciary obligations. Her comparative piece, Judicial Review of Directors’ Duty of Care: A Comparison Between the U.S. & China, applies a case study approach to compare corporate governance schemes within two major economies.

Her scholarly contributions have been recognized on platforms such as the Oxford Business Law Blog and Business Law Prof Blog. Her works were selected to be presented at the University of Michigan Junior Scholars Conference among others. Before joining Albany Law School, Professor Li was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and earned her J.S.D. degree from Washington University School of Law. Beyond academia, her zest for life is reflected in her passion for improv comedy, kayaking, and playing the Pipa (a stringed instrument like a violin). 

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Zhaoyi Li

Zhaoyi Li

Assistant Professor of Law

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