Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles (Linguistics)
J.D., Southwestern Law School (Law)
M.S., Georgetown University (Linguistics)
B.A., Johns Hopkins University (Writing)

Joe grew up in West Virginia and has enjoyed living in both rural and urban settings, coming to Albany from Grundy, Virginia, where he served as Director of Legal Writing at Appalachian School of Law as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Before that, Joe spent nearly twenty years in Los Angeles, where in 2015 he completed a Ph.D. in the syntax and semantics of contract formation at UCLA. His research interests include the use of linguistic methodologies to deepen our understanding of how speakers of a given language acquire legal intuitions. Joe has practiced as a business and bankruptcy attorney in California, where he has been licensed since 2002. For over a decade, he helped students improve their writing and analysis on the bar exam as a private tutor. At Albany Law School, Joe currently serves as an Associate Professor and Director of Bar Success. He enjoys helping students succeed at all stages of their legal education, from their first day in class to the final day of their bar exam, and beyond.


Joe Buffington

Director of Bar Success and Associate Professor