B.A., University of Tennessee
J.D., Yale Law School

Joined Albany Law School in 2000. Previously in private practice with Winston & Strawn in Chicago, specializing in employment-related appellate litigation; visiting professor at University of Toledo College of Law; law clerk to the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Indiana. Research interests include employment discrimination, federalism, and lesbian and gay rights.


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Deconstructing Sexual Orientation, at Globalization and Comparative Family Law: A Discussion of Pluralism, Universality and Markets, Albany Law School, Feb. 7, 2003

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Negotiating the Politics of Judicial Nominations (panel), Lavender Law, Annual Conference of the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association, Oct. 12, 2002

Same-Sex But Equal: Reformulating the Miscegenation Analogy, Presentation at Faculty Workshop, Albany Law School, Oct. 2, 2002

The Court and Rights: The New Federalism and the Undermining of Civil Rights Law--Progressive Federalism?, Presentation at Joint Annual Meetings of the Law and Society Association and the Canadian Law and Society Association, Vancouver, B.C., May 31, 2002

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The Emerging Prohibition of Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Address Before Albany Law School Labor and Employment Law Student Association, Spring 2001