B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
J.D., Howard University School of Law

Ciji Dodds is an Assistant Professor at Albany Law School where she teaches Introduction to Lawyering, Race and the Law, and Introduction to Critical Race Theory.   Her research and teaching interests include gender and the law, feminist legal theory, peace studies, race and the law, critical race theory, immigration law, contracts, and legal writing. Her research focuses on the intersection of Johan Galtung’s violence typologies and the legal system, with an emphasis on manifest and latent structural violence.  Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, Ciji Dodds seeks to (1) reconceptualize the legal definition of violence; (2) analyze the sources, forms, and functions of laws to ascertain the existence or nonexistence of pathological structural violence within established and emerging legal frameworks;  (3) reimagine legal remedies for victims of structural violence; and  (4) explore the tension between law-conforming and nonconforming behavior that emerges when individuals are forced to confront structural violence. Ciji Dodds is the co-founder and co-director of The Institute for Racial Justice Research and Advocacy. She is a member of the Executive Committees for the American Association of Law Schools’ Civil Rights section, Minority Groups section, and Children and the Law section.

Forthcoming Publications

In Fear of Black Revolutionary Contagion and Insurrection: Foucault, Galtung, and the Genesis of Racialized Structural Violence in American Foreign Policy and Immigration Law, Michigan Journal of Race and Law (forthcoming)

Ciji Dodds Curriculum Vitae and Research Agenda