A proud graduate of Amherst Regional High School, Professor Spivack received her BA from Princeton University, her JD from New York University School of Law, and her PhD from Boston College. Between earning her BA and going to law school, she spent several years as a community organizer in the Boston area. Before joining the Albany Law faculty, she taught at Oklahoma City University School of Law since 2005, with wonderful colleagues and students. She is thrilled to back in the part of the country that feels like home.   

Professor Spivack teaches and writes in the areas of Wills, Trusts and Estates, Tax law, and Property law. She has published articles in many top law reviews, as well as a book about women and money, co-authored a Wills and Trusts casebook, the Wills and Trusts volume of the Developing Professional Skills series, and the Wills and Trusts Gilberts outlines.   

Professor Spivack teaches Wills, Trusts and Estates, Estate Planning and Elder Law. She is passionate about inheritance law and the ways it shapes society and determines its vectors of power and influence along lines of race, class, and gender. In 2016, she started a regular conference about this topic called Wills, Trusts and Estates Meets Gender, Race and Class.    

Professor Spivack's other obsessions include nineteenth century novels, animals, and cooking. She's never met a stray dog she didn't try to take home.  


Professor Carla Spivack

Carla Spivack

David Josiah Brewer Distinguished Professor of Law