Faculty Blogs

Faculty Blogs

Albany Law Faculty Blog
The Albany Law School Faculty Blog is an online forum to share the diverse and engaged scholarship activities of Albany Law’s faculty, students and alumni, while facilitating discussion of cutting-edge issues of law and policy.

Best Practices for Legal Education
Professor Mary Lynch is the editor and frequent contributor to this blog. The goals of this blog are to create a useful Web-based source of information on current reforms in legal education arising from the publication of Roy Stuckey's Best Practices for Legal Education and the Carnegie Foundation's Educating Lawyers; and to create a place where those interested in the future of legal education can freely exchange ideas, concerns and opinions. 
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Constitutionalism & Democracy
Professor Stephen Gottlieb, with  Professor James Thuo Gathii of Loyola's School of Law, are the authors of this blog which mainly focuses on constitutionalism and democracy in the U.S. and beyond.
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The Future of Change
Professor Ray Brescia writes about social change, particularly the social and technological innovation that helps drive social movements, promote positive social outcomes, reduce inequality and foster community. This blog explores how the ability to combine new tools and techniques with old-fashioned notions of trust and social capital is at the essence of social change in a rapidly changing world.

Government Reform 
A blog providing information and analysis concerning the laws, practices and proposed reforms relating to state and local governments across the United States.

  • Law, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    A blog providing an information hub supporting innovators and entrepreneurs in New York. GLC Staff Attorney Emily Ekland is a frequent contributor to this blog.

New York Court Watcher
Professor Vincent Bonventre is the author of this blog devoted to commentary on developments at the Supreme Court, the New York Court of Appeals, and other state supreme courts nationwide.
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Public Authorities 
The blog is part of the Government Law Center's Public Authorities Program. Contributors include the Center's Advisory Board Chairman Scott Fein, who chairs the Center's Public Authority Program. 

Multicultural Initiatives at Albany Law School
The Director of Multicultural Initiatives offers information on issues relevant to all students, faculty and staff; the blog provides a forum for discussion around these issues.
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