Faculty Presentations

August 2021

Alexandra Harrington

Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington presented keynote address at the Green Economics Institute & Green European Foundation Climate Feminist Summer School.

May 2021

Kanika Johar

Professor Johar is an appointed member of the State of New York Supreme Court's Committee on Character and Fitness of the Appellate Division, Third Department.

Kanika Johar

Professor Johar joined the Capital District Women’s Bar Association Committee on the Judiciary.

Danshera Cords

Professor Danshera Cords presented “Ephemeral Rules and Covid-19 Taxes” at the Law and Society Conference in May 2021.

April 2021

Mary Lynch

Professor Mary Lynch will present at Rutgers 2021 Symposium, Prosecutors, Power, and Racial Injustice: Building an Anti-Racist Prosecutorial System.  The Symposium will be conducted virtually on April 9, 2021, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

March 2021

David Walker

​Professor David Walker will be speaking with Sue Zago from UNH Law and Jan Fleckenstein from Syracuse Law at the NELLCO Symposium on March 18, 2021. The topic is "Back to Normal: Law Libraries after the pandemic."

February 2021

Melissa Breger

​Professor Melissa Breger's publication "Corporal Punishment, Social Norms and Norm Cascades: Examining Cross-National Laws and Trends in Homes Across the Globe," has been accepted for inclusion at the 2021 Law and Society Annual Meeting, which will be held in virtually May 27-30, 2021.

Alicia Ouellette

​President and Dean Alicia Ouellette presented on "The New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Program:  Priorities and Implementation" as part of panel for the NY City Bar Association on February 9, 2021.  

Michael Hutter

​Professor Michael Hutter was appointed to the NY State Commission on Judicial Nomination by Senator Robert G. Ort, which Commission screens and determines the nominees for the Court of Appeals; reappointed to the Town of Bethlehem Ethics Board by the Bethlehem Town Board, and then elected Chair by the Ethics Board; and appointed as Chair of the NYSBA Trial Lawyers Section Trial Evidence Committee by Betty Lugo.

January 2021

Keith Hirokawa

​Professor Keith Hirokawa presented The Essential Environmental Law Curriculum for the Next Generation as part of the A Roundtable Series for Environmental Law Faculty on the Future of Legal Education virtually at Vermont Law School on January 28, 2021.

Rosemary Queenan

​Deans Rosemary Queenan and Mary Walsh Fitzpatrick presented Story of Self: Professional Identity Formation & Well-Being on January 6, 2021 Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting (Section on Student Services Joint Program)

October 2020

Evelyn Tenenbaum

​Professor Evelyn Tenenbaum will present, "Reassessing Consent to Intimate Sexual Relations Among Nursing Home Residents with Dementia," at the ASBH (American Society for Bioethics and Humanities) Conference (held virtually) on October 15-18, 2020.

September 2020

Michael Hutter

​Professor Michael Hutter lectured at the NYS Judicial Institute Annual Program for Newly Elected State Court Judges, Annual Summer Sessions and Lunch and Learn Programs on evidence related topics.

Melissa Breger

​Professor Melissa Breger was appointed to the New York State Bar Association's Committee on Children & the Law.

Alexandra Harrington

​Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington presented Implementing the Paris Agreement by Incentivizing Investment in Climate Adaptation and Resilience, presented on September 24, 2020 at the Incentivizing Investment in Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience in Ukraine: Legal & Institutional Contributions to Implementing the Paris Agreement online event hosted by the EBRD.

Nancy Maurer

​Professor Nancy Maurer participated in planning and organization of Externships 10: 20/20 Vision for the Future, a biannual conference scheduled for fall 2020.

Alexandra Harrington

​Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington presented Blue Growth and the SDGs in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea, presented September 7, 2020 at the Thessaloniki Sustainability Summit on "Sustainable Cities and Ports."

Michael Hutter

​Professor Michael Hutter authored an amicus curiae brief in Hewitt v. Palmer Vet. Clinic, an appeal in the NY Court of Appeals, arguing that the Court should modify NY common law and allow a person attacked by a dog while on commercial premises to sue the premises owner for negligence.

Robert Heverly

​Professor Rob Heverly served as reporter on the Uniform Law Commission's Tort Law Relating to Drones Act.

Alexandra Harrington

​Professor Dr. Alexandra Harrington presented International laws and regulation of water security in the context of climate change, presented on September 21, 2020 at the Civil Servants School 2020: Climate Change training session for Central Asian civil servants, hosted by the German-Kazak University.