Year of Impact: Justice Center Provides Lifeline to the Underserved—and Spurs Development—in Capital Region

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Through the Law Clinic and Justice Center, Students Provide Free Legal Help
to Immigrants, Domestic Violence Survivors, the Chronically Ill, Startups, and Others

For decades, the Albany Law Clinic and Justice Center has served as a training ground for future attorneys. But just as important has been the Clinic's work for the community.

By providing a wide range of free legal services to those most in need, the Law Clinic and Justice Center is making a lasting impact on the Capital Region and its residents.

During the 2017-18 academic year, students, through the Clinic, provided law-related pro bono work totaling tens of thousands of hours. They helped immigrant youth and asylum-seekers, served as a resource for budding nonprofits and startup businesses, relieved the legal burdens from clients receiving treatment for chronic medical conditions, represented survivors of domestic violence in the courtroom, helped prosecute cases for area Special Victim Units, and much more.