Professor Lynch Helps Qatar Faculty Use Innovative Teaching Methods

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Mary Lynch

Professor Mary Lynch was invited to spend a week at Qatar University's College of Law to help the faculty implement experiential learning concepts.

Professor Lynch, director of Albany Law School's Center for Excellence in Law Teaching (CELT),  has focused some of her efforts on assisting Albany Law's faculty, but has also been receiving requests for help from other schools."The dean of Qatar University's College of Law was referred to the center, then he reviewed our blog, next thing you know he invited us to conduct trainings with the Qatar faculty for a week," explained Professor Lynch. "We're only two years old, but given activity occurring inside and outside the school, we established the center moments ahead of the curve and now we have a national presence."

Recently Professor Lynch presented at New York Law School, Indiana University's law school and several conferences, including the Strategic Alliance of Law Schools. She also co-authored an article with three recognized experts in the field.

"As legal education continues to change in numerous ways, one of those is preparing students differently than we have in the past," said Professor Lynch. "Albany Law School is seen as a school with some expertise in that area."