NYSBA Real Property Law Firm Field Placement

  1. Program Goals
    1. Introduce law students to Real Property Law issues, transactions and litigation.
    2. Provide a learning environment in which students will be mentored by experienced real estate practitioners.
    3. Provide real life work experience and bar association committee work experience to interested law students.
    4. Provide real estate practitioners and committee chairpersons with part-time student assistance.
    5. Allow law students to network with real estate practitioners and enhance the law students’ marketability in the legal marketplace.
  1. Program Administration
    1. The RPLS will administer the Internship Program through its Internship and Mentoring Committee, whose Chairperson and members will be appointed by the Section Chair.
    2. The Committee will coordinate the assignment of student interns to real estate practitioners and RPLS committee chairs interested in mentoring a student intern.
    3. The Committee will review and modify, as necessary, the requirements for mentors and committee chairs to participate in the Internship Program.
    4. The Committee will coordinate with Law School placement, internship and externship administrators to obtain feedback and continue to improve the Internship Program.
    5. The Committee will coordinate with and obtain reports from all mentors regarding their experience with the interns and the Internship Program.
    6. The Committee will provide an annual report to the RPLS Executive Committee regarding the Internship Program.
  1. Requirements for Mentors
    1. Mentors must have been admitted to the practice of law for at least seven (7) years and be members in good standing of the RPLS.
    2. Mentors must commit to provide the intern with research, drafting or other work assignments that can be handled by an entry level associate.
    3. Mentors must commit to supervise the intern’s work, to evaluate the intern’s work product and maintain a learning environment for the intern.
    4. Mentors must provide the Internship and Mentoring Committee with a written evaluation of the intern’s work product and experience at the end of the internship period.
  1. Duration of Internship
    1. The initial internship period shall be for one semester (approximately 5 months).
    2. The intern shall be required to commit between 10 and 15 hours time per week to the Internship Program.
    3. The intern and mentor may agree to extend the internship period, provided the intern’s law school does not object to such internship extension.
    4. During the internship, interns shall be student members of the RPLS, and dues, if any, shall be paid for by the RPLS.

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