About the Law Clinic

About the Law Clinic


​The Law Clinic & Justice Center offers students valuable practical experience while earning academic credit for providing clients with much-needed legal assistance.

In-house and Hybrid Experiences

Students represent clients in various matters such as helping cancer patients receive life-saving health care, or persons with developmental disabilities to obtain the supports needed to live independently, or recently unemployed individuals obtain benefits while they look for a new job. Student interns have helped hundreds of domestic violence survivors find protection for themselves and their children. Other students have prosecuted the batterers. Students engage with community partners to educate local, state and federal officials on needed legal reforms. Law Clinic & Justice Center interns now provide guidance to not-for-profit organizations on transactional matters that are critical to their success, as well as to tax payers in matters before the IRS. All of the students' work is closely supervised by experienced professors who mentor the students' development of a deep understanding of the law and the skill sets they will need to be 21st century lawyers. 

Field Placement Experiences

The clinic provides ample opportunity for every student to participate. In addition to the award-winning hybrid and in-house clinics, the clinic also offers more than 200 opportunities for internships off-site in locations such as with federal, state and local judges; the U.S. Attorney; dozens of state and local agencies; district attorney and public defender offices; prominent legal services providers; intellectual property and technology offices; and private law firms doing real estate or patent work. Students gain experience, learn from practitioners in the field, and meet professional contacts. 

Many students choose to participate in more than one clinical experience during the course of their legal education. Employers are consistently impressed with the professional preparation of Albany Law graduates who have participated in the various clinical offerings.