CLE Certificates & Attorney Registrations

Regulations mandate attorneys must maintain for four years the certificates of attendance supplied to program attendees by the CLE provider. Attorneys will then be required to certify on their biennial registration form that they have completed the required CLE credits during the preceding two years and are in possession of their certificates of attendance.

Newly admitted attorneys need to complete 16 credits in their first year of admission (measured from their date of admission to the bar) and 16 additional credits in their second year of admission (also measured from date of admission to the bar).

Following the first two years of admission, attorney CLE credits are tracked by the attorney’s birthdate, rather than by date of admission to the bar.

The Institute of Legal Studies will also maintain a transcript of CLE credits completed at Albany Law School, with a summary of how many hours have been completed in each category. Individuals may request a copy of their transcript at any time from the Institute of Legal Studies.

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