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The Race to the Top in Legal Education Project

In 2008, Professor Jason Solomon of Georgia University School of Law, and Professor Dave Fagundes of Southwestern School of Law, disseminated the "Best Practices Survey" as part of their "RACE TO THE TOP in Legal Education Project." This project questions the current dominant method of evaluating law schools-that is, the reputation-driven U.S. News & World Report rankings. Part of the project's mission is to aggregate and generate information that provides an alternative source for law school evaluation apart from the current reputation-driven regime. Individual law school survey results can be found on the site. Click here to read about

Notably, Albany Law School's survey results demonstrate that the vast majority of Albany Law courses use collaboration to enrich the learning experience, with 60% of courses reporting some use of small group work in place of the traditional lecture. Similarly, an outstanding 88% of Albany Law's professors provide critical feedback to students during their courses to ensure students are properly focused on course outcomes, with nearly 2/3 of all courses providing multiple assessment opportunities.