Excellence in Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year since 2006, Albany Law has presented the faculty member who demonstrates an unparalleled dedication to the students of Albany Law School through his or her teaching with the Excellence in Teaching Award.

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Professor Michael Huter, 2015 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Professor Michael Hutter received the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching after a number of students submitted enthusiastic, detailed and heartfelt nominations on his behalf. Many of the nominations shared common themes, including Professor Hutter's exceptional teaching inside and outside of the classroom, his availability and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge, and the real practice experience that he brings to his instruction.
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Professor Mary Lynch, 2014 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award

Professor Lynch received the award in 2014, emerging from a field of nominations that totaled nearly half of the full-time faculty. Professor Lynch, in particular, was recognized for her outstanding contribution to teaching in legal education nationally and even internationally. She is the director of the Center for Excellence in Law Teaching and the editor of the blog Best Practices for Legal Education. She also teaches her students the practice of law through her Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic and other classes.
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Professor Beverly Cohen, 2013 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award

Chosen from more than a dozen other nominated candidates, Professor Beverly Cohen was recognized for her teaching, chosen by the greatest number of students who called her “outstanding,” “talented” and “dedicated.” Some student comments included: “she holds herself and her students to high but not insurmountable standards.” “We understand what she expects;” “she makes herself available to answer questions or problems we have with the course material or our writing.” They praised her assignments returned with “individual feedback” and “model answers.”
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Professor Pamela Armstrong, 2012 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award

Professor Armstrong received the award for her “remarkable dedication and passion over her 20-year career.” Dean Mayer referred to her as a “go-to professor” for first year-students, noting that she brings to life the teaching of legal writing, and that her students often seek her counsel when preparing for their second year.
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In​terim President and Dean Connie Mayer, 2011 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award

Dean Mayer received the award in large part due to her versatility in teaching law students, ranging from lecture halls to after-class discussions, integrating state-of-the-art technology with traditional teaching. Before taking the role of associate dean for academic affairs, she has served as associate dean for student affairs, and director of the Clinical Legal Studies Program.
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Professor Norman T. Deutsch, 2010 Recipient of the Excellence i​n Teaching Award

Since joining the law school's faculty in 1978, Professor Deutsch has taught thousands of students in Constitutional Law and Contracts. He is also innovative in his classroom, including using electronic polling to motivate class participation. 
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Professor Deborah Mann, 2009 Recipient of the Excellence i​n Teaching Award

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Professor Dale ​Moore, 2008 Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, on "Why I Teach"

My immediate reaction to the question "Why do you teach?" is "If given the opportunity, why wouldn't I teach?" Despite being occasionally intimidating, teaching is a challenge, a joy, privilege, and an honor. [More]

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Professor Joseph Connors, 2007 Recipient of the Excellen​ce in Teaching Award & Excellence in Service Award

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Professor Timothy Lytton, 2006 Recipient of the Excelle​nce in Teaching Award

"I consider it a great privilege to teach here at Albany Law School given the extraordinary commitment of our students and the fact that following graduation many of them will fill the most important government and private sector positions in the state of New York. Teaching also fuels my scholarship, giving me a chance to develop ideas in conversation with students and to test drive new theories to make sure that they are understandable and grounded in the practical concerns of legal practice." - Professor Lytton
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