Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law

New York State has long been recognized as an international center in everything from finance and business to arts and culture. Albany Law School has played a central role - one of our most famous alumni, Robert H. Jackson, Supreme Court Justice and Chief Prosecutor at the post-WWII Nuremburg Tribunal, is one of the main architects of modern international law.

The International Law curriculum at Albany Law School is broad and deep. Seven full-time faculty members teach international law and one of the School's endowed chairs is in international law. All J.D. students are required to take at least one international law class so there is a strong culture of international law on campus. Our students regularly participate in the Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Professor Bonventre’s “International Legal Studies” blog publishes student papers in international law. LL.M. students are encouraged to engage in faculty-supervised research for credit, ideally leading to a publication in international law.

Faculty regularly publish on international law in top national journals and consult on international projects. The law school has hosted major conferences devoted to international law, bringing top national and international experts to campus. Our affiliation and increasing cooperation with the University at Albany opens its abundant resources on international studies, programs, and research opportunities to our students.

Study of international law also means international exchange and cooperation. The law school has participated in study abroad or exchange programs in Canada, China, France, Kenya, and South Africa. We have sent interns to law firms, courts, or human rights organizations around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Poland, South Africa, and Switzerland.