The President William McKinley 1867 Society

The President William McKinley 1867 Society

Albany Law School recognizes its most generous alumni and friends in the McKinley Society.  Members of this society are donors whose philanthropy has resulted in cumulative gifts to the law school of $100,000 or more. These, our most prominent supporters, have played an important role in shaping our future and have allowed Albany Law to continue to provide a top-notch legal education.

$1,000,000 & above


Madalyn Bellinger-Bryant*

Albert Farone*

Angela T. Farone*

Magdeline Farone*

Lillian Friedman '58*

M. Sherry Gold, Benjamin D. Gold '06 & Sari Gold

LexisNexis Matthew Bender

The A. Lindsay & Olive B. O'Connor Foundation

Richard D. Parsons '71

Morris Silverman '36*

Harold Slingerland '26*



Robert V. Gianniny '53

E. Stewart Jones Jr. '66

Eleanor Lieberman*

Georgia F. Nucci '96

Charlotte Blandy Pitt*

H. Schaffer Foundation

Bernard Segal*

Raymond G. Smith '33* & Ella Smith*

Edward P. Swyer


Mary Bastow*

John Breyo '71 & Marilyn Breyo

Jay S. Caplan '46* & Ruth Caplan*

Myron J. Cohn '36*

Kathryn Dugan*

Stephanie C. Huested*

The Kresge Foundation

Andrew J. Malatesta '34*

William H. Phelps '22*

Charles W. Stiefel '75

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP


Altria Group Inc.

John S. Bartlett Jr. '48*

James N. Benedict '74

Bickel & Brewer Foundation

M. Diane Bodman '72

Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

Booth Ferris Foundation

William A. Brewer III '77

Charlotte S. Buchanan '80 & Charles Buchanan

John A. Buyck '48*

Hon. D. Vincent Cerrito '35*

Clark Foundation

James J. Clark '79

Mary Ann Cody '83

James E. Conway '60*

Donald L. Curran*

The Dewar Foundation Inc.

Fred L. Emerson Foundation

Seymour Fox '49*

James Freeman

Lynn Freeman-Massey

Russell A. Freeman '57*

General Electric Fund

Hon. Frank W. Getman '58*

J.K. Hage III '78

Gerald T. Hennessy '50*

Arlene Johnson

James E. Kelly '83 & Marcia Kelly

Peter C. Kopff '75 & Dianne Kopff

Legal Aid Society

Harry J. Love '52*

Robert C. Miller '68

Thomas J. Mullin '76 & Carol E. Smith Mullin '76

Daniel P. Nolan '78

Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LP

William F. Pendergast '72

Frank H. Penski '74 

Harry L. Robinson '65

Edgar A. Sandman '46

David D. Siegel*

The Slomo & Cindy Silvian Foundation Inc.

Isobel I. Smith*

Edward P. Stiefel '71

Robert B. Stiles '76

Howard St. John '48*

Christine G. Stone '81 & David S. Stone

J. Vanderbilt Straub '28* & Mildred Hinman Straub*

Bruce R. Sullivan '38*

The Swyer Foundation Inc.

Dale M. Thuillez '72

Johnna G. Torsone '75

Alfred C. Turino '36*

Hon. Harold R. Tyler Jr.*

Donna E. Wardlaw '77

David S. Williams '42*