Unrestricted Endowment

Unrestricted Endowment

Albany Law School's endowment must be increased so that funding is available to attract, support and retain outstanding faculty whose expertise will define the quality of the expanded educational goals of the School.

A larger endowment is needed to attract the brightest students, providing them with critically important financial assistance. A stronger endowment will lessen Albany Law School's dependence on tuition while providing a financial cushion to protect against the vicissitudes of economic fluctuation.

Finally, an expanded endowment will foster nationally recognized excellence in several key areas: government law, science and technology law, health law and the Albany Law Clinic & Justice Center. Specific endowment funding is sought for:

  • Endowed faculty chairs
  • Distinguished professorships
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Academic prizes

If you would like to donate to Albany Law School's endowment, please contact Anne Marie Judge at 518-445-3219 or ajudg@albanylaw.edu.