LL.M. in Advanced Legal Studies​

Pursuing an LL.M. in Advanced Legal Studies affords students a great deal of flexibility in choosing courses across the curriculum. In addition to the opportunity to engage in a broad-based course of study, students also may devote themselves to intensive research and writing projects.

LL.M. in Governmental Administration and Regulation

The Government Administration and Regulation curriculum offers LL.M. candidates more than 30 courses related to government law, as well as field placements and internships in government law offices at the federal, state and local levels, including legislative and executive agencies.​

LL.M. in Health Law

The Health Law curriculum offers LL.M. candidates substantive courses in health law, complemented by field placements in a wide variety of settings, including the New York State Health Department and the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.​

LL.M. in Health and Human Rights

Many populations around the world are not provided adequate access to health services and facilities and do not enjoy the conditions necessary for a healthy life. Discrimination, inequality, scarcity of resources, and non-enforcement of legal rights all contribute to this problem. The LL.M. in Health and Human Rights allows a student to study these problems in depth from a legal perspective to identify strategies that can help to realize the promise of the right to health.

LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law

​The Intellectual Property Law curriculum offers LL.M. candidates a solid grounding in intellectual property law, both domestic and international, covering both patents and copyright, and the legal and business issues surrounding them.​

LL.M. in International Law

New York State has long been recognized as an international center in everything from finance and business to arts and culture. Albany Law School has played a central role - one of our most famous alumni, Robert H. Jackson, Supreme Court Justice and Chief Prosecutor at the post-WWII Nuremburg Tribunal, is one of the main architects of modern international law.

The International Law curriculum offers LL.M. candidates a unique opportunity for graduate study in a place with significant his​torical, political, cultural, geographical and educational connections to international law and international legal institutions.​