Swyer Lectures & Workshops


Swyer Lectures

The Swyer Lectures and Workshops is an academic support program created for the purpose of enhancing student success at Albany Law School through skills training.

The Swyer Lectures are about "how we learn" as well as "how to study" or "how to take an exam" and are interwoven throughout the bi-weekly sessions held during the fall semester. Faculty will offer presentations on such topics as time management, effective reading, case briefing, note taking, legal reasoning, case analysis and synthesis, writing, study skills, and exam preparation. The Swyer Lectures consist of one-hour presentations that are open to all first-year students. In addition, handouts provided in the Swyer Lectures are available to all students at the reserve desk in the library.

Swyer Workshops

The Swyer Workshops, like the Swyer Lectures, provide academic support through skills training but stress active learning as the means to academic achievement. Readings, discussions, and exercises focus on developing such skills as note taking, legal reasoning, case analysis and synthesis, outlining and exam preparation. Workshop faculty offer written feedback on exercises as well as individual meetings with students to address specific problems. The Workshop Program is offered during Spring Semester for First-Year Students and During Fall Semester for Second and Third-Year Students.

The Workshops were designed for students who, based on objective and other criteria, could most benefit from skills training. Among invitees are: 

  • students who have been out of the academic environment for several years
  • those whose academic backgrounds differ substantially from their classmates
  • students who speak English as a second language
  • those with physical or learning disabilities likely to impact academic performance
  • those whose law school academic experience has fallen below expectations. 

Although participation in the Workshops is voluntary and does not carry academic credit, invitees are strongly encouraged to participate. Handouts provided in the Swyer Workshops are available to all students at the reserve desk in the library.