Update from the Dean: Classes to Be Remote Sept. 16

September 15, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Unfortunately, we need to close the library and hold all classes remotely tomorrow while we evaluate an unfolding situation.  The situation is this:

  1. A student tested positive today.  That student has not been on campus since 9/10.  The student did, however, go to the Lionheart Pub on Saturday.
  2. A number of additional students were also at the Lionheart on Saturday. 
  3. The students at the Lionheart may or may not have come into contact with the affected individual.  We are unable to assess the level of risk to those students without further information and the help of the experts at the County Department of Health.
  4. At least some of the students who went to the Lionheart on Saturday have attended classes, used the library, and studied in the cafeteria on Sunday, Monday, or today.
  5. The students known to have been at the Lionheart have been notified that they should self isolate and will not be allowed back on campus until advised they are cleared for a return to campus.
  6. Anyone who is experiencing fever or any of the other symptoms of COVID-19 should arrange for a test as soon as possible.  Tests can be scheduled at https://acphscovidtesting.timetap.com/#/ 

As we further investigate, and consult with the County Department of Health, we will be cautious.  

All classes will be remote and the library will be closed tomorrow.  Students, faculty, and staff should not come into the 1928 building without my permission.

The 2000 building will be open for students studying for the bar, and employees needing access to their workstations.

Anyone who was at the Lionheart Pub on Saturday should notify hr@albanylaw.edu for contact tracing purposes.  Such individuals should self isolate until further notice.

We will keep you informed as we learn more.


Alicia Ouellette
President and Dean