There’s No Time Like Today: Welcome from NAA President Hon. Peter G. Crummey ’81

Welcome from National Alumni Association President Hon. Peter G. Crummey ’81

When you were the one who had made it so clear, all those years ago. — George Harrison, 1981

Peter Crummey

I CAME TO ALBANY LAW SCHOOL all those years ago to, among other things, obtain a law degree that I hoped would further nurture my passion for public service. While a student at Albany Law School, like many of us, I pursued internships in public service and in private practice, gaining the confidence and knowledge ideally suited to help others.

With Albany Law School as a foundation, I set out on my journey and I remain fortified by many of the time-honored principles infused by our school. I learned that reasonable minds may differ and civility is vital to the meaningful exchange of ideas. I also learned when to stand up when told to sit down.

As an Alumni Association, we are actively involved in the sharing of ideas with our current students. Our highly successful Alumni Initiative in Mentoring (AIM) program continues to provide practical experience in a mentoring environment. If you would like to serve in the AIM program, let us know. Our students will be the beneficiaries and, I believe, you will be, too. Harvey Mackay, nationally syndicated business columnist, recently referenced the principle, “Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their happiness and you will get your own happiness.”

I believe that every flower blooms at a different time. I suppose alumni engagement could be much like that. If you have not had a chance to engage with our school as much as you want, or serve in a capacity you would like, there’s no time like now. You can be the one to make it so clear for our students today, which will, undoubtedly, enhance the value of being a graduate of Albany Law School.




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