The White House, Pfizer among Students' Full-Time, Semester-Long Internships

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This semester students at Albany Law are getting a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in judicial, governmental and public interest offices for a semester-long placement experience. Students spend 30 hours a week under highly experienced supervising attorney/mentors participating in and conducting the legal work of their choice. Albany Law has students placed around the Capital District, New York City, and the White House in Washington, D.C.

“Few things are as important in the education of a law student as the experience of working on the front lines of legal work,” said Professor Ray Brescia, Director of the Government Law Center who oversees the program. “Their studies come to life through these experiences and they develop, firsthand, and before they graduate, a range of skills that will help them in their careers, while learning if their placements offer them a path in the law that they may want to pursue after graduation. School is the time for students to learn their craft and explore their interests. This program lets them do both.”

Below are some of the students in the program.


Alexis Osborne ’16, from Watervliet, N.Y., is interning at the National Economic Council at the White House, where she works on a number of policy initiatives and recently helped with a press conference where President Obama spoke. "Interning at the White House is an indescribable feeling," Osborne said. "While I sit in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building which is part of the White House complex, every day I walk past the West Wing and realize just how amazing this opportunity is."