Albany Law School Announces 90% Employment Rate for Class of 2016

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Albany Law School announced today that 90% of the class of 2016 has secured employment in law firms, government positions, public interest work, and business and industry.

Albany Law School historically has strong employment rates given its wide-ranging opportunities for practical, hands-on training and the loyalty of its nationwide alumni network.  

Students are employed in the following sectors for law-degree required jobs, as well as J.D.-advantaged employment:  52% are at law firms, 28% government, 9% public interest, 11% business and industry.

Class of 2016 Employment Information

“This is an exciting time for Albany Law School,” said Alicia Ouellette, president and dean of Albany Law School.  “All our numbers continue to rise. The employment success of our students comes from hard work, and commitment from our faculty who educate them and the staff who support them.”

Each year, Albany Law School’s Career and Professional Development Center coordinates hundreds of job interviews on campus and off campus.

“With 10,000-plus alumni, many who provide amazing support to our students and our school, we have a strong network to support internships and jobs,” said Ouellette.

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