Albany Law 5th of 15 New York Law Schools for JD-required Employment Rate

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Albany Law School's Class of 2014 job categories surpasses national average.

The employment rate for 2014 graduates was considerably higher than previous years, with 161 of 204 students, or 79 percent, of the class of 2014 working in professional positions nine months after graduating. For jobs requiring a JD degree, 127 students, or 62 percent, are working in long-term full-time positions. This number surpasses the national average and is the 5th highest rate for New York’s 15 law schools.

Albany Law students in “JD advantaged” jobs total 32 students, or 16 percent. These include positions in banking and finance, accounting, management consultants, insurance positions and legislative jobs.

 Albany Law Statistics

The positions are predominantly located throughout New York, with concentrations in the Capital Region, New York City, Syracuse and Rochester. There are numerous graduates who will work in law firms and other legal positions in Colorado, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Toronto, California, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and more.

Statistics for all law schools

JD-required positions include judicial clerkships for state and federal judges, large and small law firms, the legislature, state agencies, numerous district attorney offices across the state, many public interest organizations, the governor’s office and the military.

“While our goal is always to secure employment for 100 percent of our graduates, and we will keep working hard to help our graduates still looking for positions,” said Dean Alicia Ouellette, “these numbers show strength in the job market for our graduates, and we remain optimistic moving forward.”