Message from the President

11/4/2012 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Dear Friends,

The Albany Law School students, alumni and friends whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy are very much in our thoughts. We know that  many of our colleagues at numerous law schools in New York and New Jersey continue to suspend classes due to loss of power and other disrupting damage from Hurricane Sandy. 

The Albany Law School community has mobilized to support the efforts of those who need our help. Students, faculty and staff are raising funds, and collecting clothing and food to be sent downstate. Our pro bono program has organized to help people who may have short-term legal needs.

It is during these times that we are reminded of our resilience and determination. And the pride I feel for our faculty, staff and students at Albany Law is now underscored by their selflessness in helping others. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our dear friends who find themselves struggling through these times.

Penelope (Penny) Andrews
President & Dean