Students Present at Statewide Training for Disability Advocates

11/16/2011 | Facebook|Twitter|Email
Date: 11/16/2011

Albany Law students from the Civil Rights and Disability Law Clinic presented at a CLE training during the 2011 N.Y. State Commission on Quality of Care & Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities Contractor’s Meeting.

The four students -- Nathan Perry, Stefen Short,  Katie Valder and Stephen Barry, along with Jennifer Monthie '03 from Disabilities Advocates Inc. (DAI)  -- spoke about the Court of Appeals brief they recently wrote together with the law firm Patterson, Belknap, Web and Tyler.

The brief concerns the refusal of the N.Y. State Office of Mental Retardation to release records requested by the law school and DAI in an investigation of neglect from the state agency, concerning the agency's unnecessary institutionalization of individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Other writers of the brief included students Kaitlyn Jorge, Paola Leichter, Cliff Morehouse, Paul McGrath and Nicole Kulik, as well as DAI attorneys Cliff Zucker and Tim Clune, with Chris Jackson from Patterson, Belknap.

The Court is expected to hear oral arguments on the case sometime in the spring.

Pictured to the left, from left, are Perry, Professor Bridgit Burke who directs the Clinic, Short,  Valder and Barry.