Michael Zeldin Visits Albany Law School

Michael Zeldin

Michael Zeldin, CNN legal analyst and former fellow at the Institute of Politics (IOP) within Harvard University’s Kennedy School, took center stage—or, center floor of the DAMC—for the 2019 Justice Robert H. Jackson Lecture Series event “The White House on Trial” last fall.

Professor Christine Chung moderated the chat with Zeldin as they talked through the history and structure of presidential impeachment; the Mueller Report; and the legal considerations and potential outcomes of the impeachment of President Donald Trump—proceedings which had yet to be initiated.

“A lot of the answers to the questions are going to be, ‘We don’t know,’” said Zeldin, who has covered some of the nation’s biggest stories on CNN going back to the mid-1990s. “I don’t think [the answers are] knowable—or known yet.”

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