Robert H. Jackson '12

Robert H. Jackson


U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Robert H. Jackson '12 served as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice from 1941 until his death in 1954. In 1945 he served as the​ chief prosecutor for the United States in the Nuremberg Trials, which tried the Nazi Party leaders after World War II.


He is one of Albany Law School’s most esteemed graduates in its 160 year history. Throughout 2012 the school has been celebrating Justice Jackson’s Centennial anniversary since attending—and graduating—Albany Law School as a member of the Class of 1912.

To celebrate Jackson's Centennial, the law school has hosted a variety of activities including the unveiling of a permanent exhibit, along with a series of talks from prominent experts and a student writing contest with up to $1,000 for cash prizes.

“. . . . I decided on the Albany Law School for two reasons: some of the leading lawyers had been Albany Law School men and it was the seat of government. The Court of Appeals sat there, the Appellate Division sat there, the Supreme Court, the legislature and the whole state government. I thought I would lear​n more that was not in the books at Albany than in any other place, and that it would be useful to me in the practice of law in my community.”

From “Albany In the Life Trajectory of Robert H. Jackson,” The Albany Law Review, 2004-2005, by John Q. Barrett, Professor of Law, St. John’s Unive​rsity School of Law. The quote is cited from The Reminiscences fo Robert H. Jackson 4 (Columbia U., Oral History Research Office, Harlan B. Phillips ed., 1955.

Image Courtesy of The Robert H. Jackson Center.