Document Uploads, Door Scanning, Testing Center Open

January 26, 2022

We would like to thank the entire Albany Law School community for making the return of in-person learning as seamless as possible. This is a testament to the perseverance of our community.

If you have not uploaded test results (positive or negative), vaccination, or booster information to Share My Health your proximity card will not unlock doors on campus. Make sure your information is up to date to restore your access as soon as possible. 

Instructions to upload information on Share My Health:

1.    Go to https://www.sharemy.health/
2.    Sign In 
3.    Go to “Home” 
4.    Click “Upload Booster” or “Upload Your Test Result” at top of page
5.    Enter required information 
6.    Upload a photo or pdf of your vaccination card or test result (you can take a photo at that time)

Home tests are accepted. For verification you can take a photo of your test result to upload.

If you attempt to enter the building and your card does not open the door, you may not enter the building. Contact John Collins at jcoll@albanylaw.edu or (518) 472-5831 for assistance. 

Community members already in buildings may not and should not let others in. “Piggybacking” or “tailgating” others into buildings is not allowed. Each person should scan their card to open the door.  

Also, the testing facility at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science has re-opened. Tests are only currently available to those who have COVID-like symptoms, have been exposed to COVID, need weekly testing because of an exemption, or have been chosen for surveillance testing.

The law school’s COVID policies and updates are available anytime at https://www.albanylaw.edu/covid19

- Public Health and Safety Team