COVID-19 notification procedures

September 3, 2021

With COVID transmission still high in the surrounding community, it continues to be likely that we will see some cases on campus. If you have symptoms or test positive, please stay off-campus and notify HR@albanylaw.edu.

We are writing to let you know what you can expect in terms of notifications when there is a positive case in our community. 

  1. Individuals testing positive will be contacted by the law school to check in on health status and needs, as well as to review law school safety protocols, including remote attendance and testing requirements.
  2. Individuals testing positive should also expect to hear from the County Department of Health, which will quarantine individuals and conduct official contact tracing.
  3. As a supplement to the work of the Albany County Department of Health, Albany Law School will work with infected individuals to identify any community member who may have been exposed.
  4. Albany Law School will reach out by email or phone to anyone it understands to be a “close contact” of the infected individual.  The CDC defines close contact as someone who has been within six feet of an infected individual for more than 15 minutes within 2 days prior to illness onset or positive test.
  5. Albany Law School will advise close contacts of its requirements for testing and remote attendance.
  6. Albany Law School will also reach out to individuals who are not “close contacts” but may have been in class with or otherwise exposed to the infected individual.  These broader notifications will provide information about the possible exposure, and provide an option for precautionary testing. 
  7. Albany Law School is using a Dashboard to notify community members who are not otherwise notified about positive cases on campus. 
  8. In cases in which the potential for exposure is broad, Albany Law School will notify its students, faculty, and staff via email.

Swiping in

Notifications are only accurate if the law school knows who is in the building and the library.  To ensure accurate contact tracing, everyone MUST swipe their ID cards when they enter the building or the library even if entering with other individuals.  Please remind each other to swipe and do not hold the door open for someone who has not swiped. 


Unvaccinated people and those selected for surveillance testing MUST get tested as required. Failure to do so could result in loss of campus privileges or disciplinary action.


We must continue to do all we can to keep each other safe. That includes wearing the appropriate face coverings (masks) when we’re in public spaces.  So please remember:

  1. Masks need to be made of a solid material like cloth. Mesh masks or masks with vents that do not restrict the passage of air and fluids are not effective.
  2. Masks need to be worn over the mouth and nose to be effective.
  3. Mask can be removed briefly to take a drink while in class (where faculty permit) but should be replaced immediately after.
  4. As part of our shared responsibility, we may need to remind each other to mask up properly.

For more information and weekly updates on the number of COVID cases on campus refer to the School’s COVID information page.

You will receive updated information on attendance policies and COVID-specific protocols in a separate email.

- Public Health and Safety Team