Community Members on the UAlbany - Albany Law School Affiliation

Hon. Lee Zeldin, U.S. Representative (NY 1)

“As a former student at both UAlbany and Albany Law School, I know firsthand that the two institutions will benefit from one another on many different levels. The country’s education system needs innovative solutions to challenging problems—this public-private affiliation may prove as a model for many.”

Hon. John McDonald (108th Assembly District)

“UAlbany and Albany Law School, already in a longstanding relationship, are in a position to strengthen their collaborative work together by designing innovative programs and opportunities that will truly benefit the Capital Region.”

Hon. Philip Steck (110th Assembly District)

“I applaud these efforts by the University at Albany and Albany Law School to forge a closer relationship that will strengthen both institutions, as well as the Capital District as a whole, by helping to attract and retain talented students. Most importantly, this collaboration will benefit students and better prepare them for the workforce by providing additional resources and opportunities.”

Hon. Jim Tedisco (112th Assembly District)

“A closer collaboration between the University at Albany and Albany Law School is a win-win for both schools and will give more students greater opportunities to pursue academic studies that will better prepare them for the workforce.”

Hon. Peter D. Lopez (102nd Assembly District)

“As a UAlbany alumnus and someone who values the SUNY education system, I am very encouraged by the collaboration between these two prestigious institutions. Students will significantly benefit from the enhanced programs, which will better prepare them for life and careers after graduation. The collaboration will include the recruitment of more students to the 3+3 program, encouraging faculty members to collaborate on research, and cross-registration of courses. I’m confident this collaboration will open many doors and create new opportunities for the hardworking students at these schools.”

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy

“The partnership announced today will benefit both of these quality institutions of higher learning in Albany. Albany Law School and UAlbany are going to benefit from this, as will prospective students and the community at large. I find it very encouraging that the leaders of these institutions are working together in this way.”

Heather C. Briccetti, President & CEO, Business Council of New York State, Inc.

“As an Albany Law School alumna with a vested interest in the growth and success of the state’s business community, I am extremely excited by this collaboration. This is a natural pairing and I am confident the partnership will help attract new and young people to the state, enhance the development of a high-skilled professional workforce, and create excitement for New York State as an educational innovator.”

James J. Barba, President & CEO of Albany Medical Center and Co-Chair, Capital Region Economic Development Council

"Together, a deeply affiliated University at Albany and Albany Law School will enhance each institution's ability to deliver unique and valuable educational opportunities to their students, and develop partnerships that will strengthen the economic foundation and innovation in this region and beyond.”

Mark Eagan, CEO of the Capital Region Chamber

"This partnership not only fortifies the two institutions academically, but creates a model partnership for the Capital Region community to consider as they leverage value assets, synergies, and enhanced opportunities for growth and service to this area.”

Stephen Younger, Past President of the New York State Bar Association; Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler

“What has always been special to me about Albany Law School is the common set of bonds we all share with other alumni. With the new University of Albany affiliation, we now have a multitude of additional bonds to draw on. This is a wonderful development for anyone with ties to Albany Law School.”

David Miranda, Partner, Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti, Class of'88

“As an Albany Law School graduate, it is great to see my school, a leader in preparing students for the legal profession in New York, gain access to the resources of a major public university. This unique affiliation can only help us continue developing young lawyers and maintain one of the strongest and most active Bars in the country.”

Janet Silver, President, Albany County Bar Association; Albany Law School ‘03

“Albany Law School has a rich history of producing great lawyers and leaders throughout the region. This affiliation will only enhance its ability to better prepare attorneys, attract high-performing students, and contribute to the professional community. Both institutions have everything to gain.”

Denise Gonick, President and CEO, MVP Health Care

“As an Albany Law School graduate, I applaud this collaboration which is certain to help strengthen both Albany Law and the University at Albany. I’m confident that it will be good for the region too, leading to positive developments that new partnerships tend to create.”

Thania Fernandez, President, National Alumni Association, Albany Law School

“The Albany Law School’s National Alumni Association is delighted to support a broader affiliation with UAlbany, which strengthens our institution’s position and provides another source of pride for our active network of 10,000-plus alumni.”

Lisa A. Frisch, Executive Director, The Legal Project

“Throughout its 20 year history of serving the Capital Region, The Legal Project has long worked in partnership with Albany Law School in our mission of expanding critical access to legal services, regardless of income. As an alumnus of the School of Criminal Justice at UAlbany, I am excited about this innovative affiliation between these two formidable educational programs and look forward to the future as the law school and UAlbany come together to become an even stronger presence in our community.”

Lillian Moy, Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

“We believe everyone has the right to equal justice regardless of income. That’s why we welcome today’s news – an agreement that can potentially help expand legal services to all people of the Capital Region.”