Booster upload reminder

Albany Law School is requiring all eligible members of our community to receive a COVID booster shot before returning to campus on January 18. We’d like to remind you to please upload your booster information to Share My Health as soon as possible.

Here are the instructions to upload to Share My Health: 

  1. Go to https://www.sharemy.health/
  2. Sign In 
  3. Go to “Home” 
  4. Click “+ Upload Your Vaccination” at top of page
  5. Enter type of vaccine and vaccination dates 
  6. Upload a photo or pdf of your vaccination card (you can take a photo at that time)

We encourage all individuals to get a booster as soon as possible in consultation with your physician. We understand that many individuals will not be eligible for a booster shot prior to returning to campus because they received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine less than six months ago. Those who have tested positive for COVID have an extension to get the booster requirement for up to six weeks after symptoms have ended. If you have had COVID recently and need an extension, upload a copy of your positive test result to Share My Health.  If you have been advised to wait longer than six weeks before getting boosted, then submit medical documentation to kpalm@albanylaw.edu (students) or hr@albanylaw.edu (employees).  

Directions for requesting a religious or medical exemption can be found on our COVID information page. 

As always, thank you for all you do to keep our community safe.

- Public Health and Safety Committee