ALBANYLAW Magazine | Fall 2020

From the President and Dean

This is not the magazine that we had planned. Then again, this is not the year that we—any of us—had planned.

We hoped in this issue to bring you more standalone stories of independence, innovation, and impact—the pillars of We Rise Together: The Campaign for Albany Law School. Then came the novel coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic upended our lives. It brought disruption, loss, and heartbreak. But as the year progressed, we began to see incredible things: people adapting in extraordinary ways; people, some in roles outside their comfort zones, helping one another; people leading—making perhaps the most significant decisions of their careers under extreme pressure.

Zooming in, many of these people are members of our community. They are Albany Law School graduates, students, faculty, and staff, stepping up and making us proud. Suddenly, this issue of Albany Law Magazine came into focus: we are telling one story through these experiences. It’s the story of how this great community and its people confronted an extraordinary challenge and—in ways unique, personal, and inventive—used their tools to make an impact. Read more.


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