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Lisa Ogden

Welcome from National Alumni Association President Lisa M. Ogden ’03

FOR THE PAST 16 YEARS I’ve considered myself fortunate to be counted among Albany Law School’s 10,000-plus alumni. Today, I’m both fortunate and humbled to begin my tenure as president of our National Alumni Association (NAA).

The NAA is an important and unique part of our law school community. It’s where our past meets our future; it’s where we have an opportunity to foster new relationships with both current students and fellow alumni; it’s where we can give back to the institution that has done so much to shape our own professional journeys.

During my term, I plan to continue the outstanding work of my predecessors—including that of Earl Redding ’03, who I would like to thank for his leadership over the past year. In addition, I’m hopeful that we can deploy the considerable talents of our alumni organization to: expand our involvement in the school’s mentoring and recruiting programs; leverage our collective expertise for various academic endeavors, including panels and continuing legal education seminars; and, last but not least, maximize the participation of our alumni members so more of us can be the beneficiaries of this incredible network of graduates from America’s oldest independent law school.

I hope that you will join me in my efforts to ensure that our alumni community is doing everything it can to advance not only the academic mission of our beloved school, but the personal and professional relationships—between all of us—that make this organization far greater than the sum of its parts.



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President, NAA


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