Williams '14 Publishes Paper on Scottish Secession

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Brett Williams '14 recently published his paper "Scottish Secession: An Unnecessary Independence as Seen Through the Currency Debate" on the International Law Studies blog, an independent forum for the publication of international and comparative law research.

Originally written for Professor Alexandra Harrington's International Business Transactions Class, Williams' paper assesses the viability of Scotland’s independence movement through the framework of the currency debate. Since taking control of Scotland’s Parliament in 2011, the Scottish National Party (SNP) has advocated for its country’s secession from the United Kingdom.

At Albany Law, Williams is an associate editor for the Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology, a research assistant for Professor Keith Hirokawa, and three-year member of the Albany Law Rugby Football Club. His legal work includes time spent with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation; the Town of Colonie Town Attorney; and the law office of Flink Smith, LLC. He is involved with the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights pro bono project.

The International Law Studies blog, directed by Professor Vincent Bonventre, is dedicated to sharing scholarship which explores, among other things, the prevailing theories of international law, the impact of international law on societies, comparative law, and the intersection of current global issues and the field of international law. Much of the scholarship is authored by Albany Law students and graduates.